Yonina: Mashup of Traditional Hannukah & Modern Israeli Songs

In this music video, husband-wife team, Yonina, perform a creative medley of traditional Hannukah songs, including Maoz Tzur and Al Hanissim, with modern Israeli songs, including Shlomi Shabat’s “Biglal Haruach” (Because of the Spirit) and Israel’s national anthem, Hatikvah. The song emphasizes that the Jewish nation has always prevailed historically because of our spirit, as opposed to physical strength. The translated lyrics are provided below.


Whatever may be,
I will make a change
I will make my dream come true
Those who bring bad news, violence or another decree-
Will not change my essence

You, me and the g-d who is beside us
We shall prevail
Not because of strength but only because of the wind/spirit blowing in our backs

Just because of the spirit
“Al Hanissim…”- we thank you for the miracles, the redemption, the bravery and the wars you fought for our fathers, then and now. (From: Chanukkah prayer, Al Hanissim)

Our faith has not been lost, the faith 2,000 years old, to be a free nation in our land…(From: “Hatikva”)

Just because of the spirit- within me, in my mind, in my soul
Just because of the spirit- within me, in my blood, in my soul.