Reform: The “HaMotzi” Song

In this short video, Cantor Jan Lieberman plays guitar and sings a version of the blessing over the bread often used in Reform congregations and institutions. Composed by Professor Samuel Adler, the song is comprised of an introduction to the blessing, the blessing itself, and the word ‘amen,’ which is uttered as a response to someone who has made a blessing, and not a part of the blessing itself. Samuel Adler, a German-born American composer and a member of the composition faculty at Julliard, has been instrumental in implementing choral singing as part of the Reform Shabbat prayer service. 


HaMotzi Lechem min Ha-aretz. We give thanks to God for bread.
Our voices rise in song together as our joyful prayer is said.
Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheynu Melech Ha-olam. HaMotzi lechem min ha-aretz.